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Q: How do I install and join Trackidz

‘Trackidz Child’ and ‘Trackidz Parental Control’ are two Apps but work together for the overall Trackidz experience.

Below are the signup steps if you signup from Trackidz Parental Contvrol

1. Parents, please download Trackidz (Parental Control) on YOUR device and Trackidz Child app on your child’s device.

2. Open Trackidz Child App and click on “New Member”

3. Sign up from the next screen by providing your Child’s name, your email Id and a new Password. That’s it. There is nothing more to be done in Trackidz Child App after the sign-up.

4. Open Trackidz Parental Control on your device and proceed to the log-in screen by answering Yes to the first two questions. Log-in using the same email ID and password used during sign-up.

5. You should now see “My Kids” screen with your child’s name on it. You can click on your child’s name to proceed to the Main menu and start using Trackidz.

6. If you want to install Trackidz Child on your 2nd child’s phone, open Trackidz Child on your child’s phone, click on “Already a Member” and log-in using the same email Id and Password used during Signup. Please enter your child’s name when prompted.

That’s it, you are done!

Q: Do I need to pay for both Trackidz Child and Trackidz Parental Controls?

Trackidz Parental Controls and Trackidz Child are completely free


 Q: The Parents’ Preferred Browser drop down in Trackidz Parental Control is not displaying the Browser that I want my child to use, even though the browser is installed on my child’s phone?

Trackidz Parental Control shows all browsers that are installed in your child’s phone. Parents can select any one of those Browsers to ensure that the child can use only that browser and all other browsers will be blocked by Trackidz.

However if for some reason your child’s browser is not being displayed in the drop down in Settings tab , please reach out to us with the name of the Browser and if possible the Google Play Store URL of that browser. We”ll make sure to add that browser in our list so that it can also start appearing in Trackidz Parental Control.

Q: What does the Block Apps/Max Time Screen do and what is Max Time?

The Block Apps / Max Time is a dual purpose screen. You can either block any inappropriate App by sliding the slider to the left or you can assign a Max Time by clicking on the timer against any app. Max Time monitors the time spent on each of the Apps. It lets you set up the maximum time allowed for each app per day. After Max time is reached, Trackidz will either Block that App for the rest of the day or send a Notification to parents informing that their child has exceeded the time for that particular app so that the parents can remind the child to stop using that app. You can also setup Trackidz to do both of the above activities from the Settings screen, i.e. it would block the app after it’s maximum time is exceeded and it will also send a Notification to the parents.

Q: Can my child delete Trackidz from his phone?

You can use the “Uninstall Protection” feature from Trackidz Parental Control to ensure that your child is not able to uninstall or ‘Force Stop’ Trackidz Child App from his / her phone or tablet.

Please ensure that you activate Device Administrator when you sign-up or sign-in Trackidz Child App on your child’s phone. You can also activate Device Administrator manually on your child’s phone by going to Settings–>Security–>Device Administrator and then click on Trackidz’s checkbox.
Trackidz server is also keeping a tab on daily updates from your child’s App and if it does not receives any data from your child’s app for 48 hours, it”ll send you an email for you to check if indeed your child has deleted Trackidz from his / her device.

Trackidz on Google Play Store does not come with Uninstall Protection as Google forced us to remove it. So if you want to use Uninstall Protection, you can download it from the Home Screen of this site. You will also have to allow installation from Unknown Sources before you download Trackidz from here.

Q: My child does not use Google Chrome Browser, will Trackidz be able to show all his webpages?

Trackidz Parental Control will display all Webpages that your child visits using Google Chrome. However if your child uses a different Browser, Trackidz will not be able to track and display the webpages. However you can use the Parent’s Preferred Browser feature in Settings to ensure that your child is only able to use Chrome browser.

Q: If I select Messaging to be blocked, does Trackidz blocks all Messaging Apps

Trackidz blocks the default Messaging App from Android. If your child uses any other Messaging App, you’ll need to select Apps to be blocked too along with Messaging, so that all Apps are blocked including any third party Messaging Apps.

Q: I want to block Browsing for my child. Does Trackidz block all Browsers Apps if I select Browsing to be blocked?

If you select Browsing to be blocked for any time interval, Trackidz blocks the Chrome App from Android. If your child uses any other Browser App, you’ll need to select Apps to be blocked too along with Browsing, so that all Apps are blocked including any third party Browser Apps.

Q: What is Daily Apps Time?

The Daily Apps Time feature allows you, the parents to control the total time you child gets to spend on his Apps. You can select the number of allowed minutes from the drop down and then select all the Apps which should be considered in the calculation of Apps usage.


Q: Can we install Trackidz Parental Control on both Parents’ Phones?

Yes, you can install Trackidz Parental Control on more than 1 device. However only one parent will receive the Notifications.


Q: My Child complains that he has not reached the Max Time of his favorite game but Trackidz has still blocked it. Why?

The Daily Apps Time feature takes precedence over Max Time feature. For example, if you have setup Facebook for a Max Time of 30 minutes, and you’ve setup Daily Apps Time for 60 minutes and Facebook is one of the Apps selected for Daily Apps Time. Now if your child has not yet used Facebook at all or has used it for less than 30 minutes, however if he has already reached his Daily Apps Time usage of 60 minutes by using some other Apps, then he will not be able to use Facebook.


Q: How can I uninstall Trackidz Child App?

If you are not using “Uninstall Protection” feature, then you can uninstall Trackidz just the same way you would uninstall any other App. If you are using “Uninstall Protection”, the easiest way to uninstall Trackidz Child App is to log into the child App and then click on the Red “Uninstall” Button at the bottom of the screen.  Please ensure that your password is not known to your kids else they can simply log in and uninstall the Child App.

If for some reason, you are not able to uninstall Trackidz using the Uninstall button, you can follow the steps below to uninstall Trackidz Child App:

  1. When you had setup Trackidz Child on your child’s device, if you had activated Device Administrator, then please follow the below steps to uninstall the App. If you had not activated Device Administrator, then you can uninstall Trackidz like any other app on your device.
  2. If you’ve enabled “Uninstall Protection” from Trackidz Parental Control, the first step is to disable “Uninstall Protection” feature and save it.
  3. Please wait for your child’s device to receive the message “SETTINGS was changed”
  4. On your child’s device, please go to Settings–>Security–>Device Administrator and uncheck the check box for Trackidz.
  5. You can now proceed to uninstall Trackidz just like you would uninstall any other App on your device.
  6. If you had not enabled “Uninstall Protection”, then please follow steps 4 and 5 above.


Q: Can my child see the remaining Screen Time?

Yes, the remaining Max Time of any App or the remaining Daily Apps Time can be seen in the Notifications Bar, which can be pulled down from the top of the Phone. The Time left shown in the Notifications is in Seconds. However the remaining time is not shown on any device running Android Marshmallow or higher.


Q: How can I know the new Apps that my child has downloaded?

When you go to the Apps usage detail screen by clicking on your child’s name in My Kids screen, then clicking on Monitor –>Device Usage –> “This week’s Usage” Pie chart, you will see all the Apps usage for that week. If your child has downloaded any new app during that week, you’ll see a green vertical bar next to that App.


Q: My child’s phone does not have a data plan, will Trackidz still work on his phone?

Trackidz will work either on a WiFi network or on a Cellular network with a Data plan. If your child’s device does not have a data plan, then Trackidz will not work when your child’s device is not on WiFi network. For tracking the device usage, Trackidz will continue to monitor and record the device usage even if your child’s device is offline. However you (Parents) can see such a usage only after your child’s device is on a WiFi network or a cellular network with data plan.


Q: How can I change my Password?

If you know your current password, you can change it from the “My Kids” screen in Trackidz Parental Control. Click on the Lock Icon on the top right part of the screen, you will be asked for your current password and new password. Save it and you are done.

If you’ve forgotten your password, then you can open Trackidz Child App on your child’s device and click on “Forgot Password” link on the sign-in page. Enter your email Id and Trackidz will reset your password and will email you the new password. You can then go to Trackidz Parental Control to change your password as described above.


Q: What is the date and time shown on “My Kids” Screen in Trackidz Parental Control?

The date and time shown is the last time Trackidz server was updated with usage data from your child’s Device.


Q: How can I see the most recent and up-to-date Device usage of my child?

To see the most recent device usage of your child, you”ll need to click on the “Refresh” icon on the top right corner of “My Kids” screen in Trackidz Parental Control. The refresh feature fetches the most recent data from your child’s device.


Q: I’ve downloaded Trackidz Child App and registered my child, but when I open Trackidz Parental Control, I still don’t see “My Kids” screen or my Child’s name, and instead still see the “You are almost there” screen. Why?

If you don’t see “My Kids” screen even after you’ve registered your child, it means that Android has opened Trackidz Parental Control from it’s memory and that the App has not started fresh. Please use the Task Manager to kill Trackidz Parental Control and then open it again. Now you should see “My Kids” screen with your child’s name in it.