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Have Peace of Mind that your child will not be able to access any inappropriate content when browsing the internet.

If you search “Safe Browsers” in Google Play Store, you’ll find a number of free Safe Browsers, but how do you ensure that your child uses only the Safe Browser and no other Browser? You can set them as the default browser, but none of the Safe Browsers give you the freedom to ensure that your child is not able to use any other Browser.

We did not want to create one more “Safe Browser” and confine you to our way of filtering web content. So Trackidz empowers you, the parent to select any Browser that you want your child to use. All the remaining Browsers will be blocked by Trackidz and your child will not be able to use them.

So go ahead and download any Safe Browser of your choice on your child’s phone, create your rules to block all inappropriate content and then select that browser in Trackidz Parental Control a.k.a Trackidz Dashboard. And remember, you get to do all the settings for your child from your phone.


Have you ever wondered how much time does your kids spend on their Smart Phones or Tablets every day? Researchers have concluded that excessive use of Cell phones can have many negative impacts on kids. One study has concluded that excessive screen time for kids results in anxiety, sleeplessness and depression. It also results in lower grades and unhappiness among kids. Trackidz gives you the ability to monitor and control your kids screen time. Trackidz gives you options to control your child’s Screen time in many different ways.

Max Time: You can setup Max Times for individual Apps to ensure that if your child is addicted to any particular game or social media Apps, you can control his/her usage of those Apps. All you have to do is select the maximum time you want your child to use those Apps, and let Trackidz do the rest. Trackidz will block those Apps after your child reaches the Max Time, and it can also send you a Notification every time your child reaches the Max Time of any App.

 Daily Apps Time: You can also control the total time your child spends on all his/her Apps by using the Daily Apps Time feature. Just select the total time you want your child to spend on his device and also select the Apps which should be considered by this feature while calculating the Daily App Time left. For example, if you don’t want access to any Reading or Educational App to be taken away, simply don’t select those Apps from the list of all installed Apps.

 Lock Schedule: You can create Lock Schedules for locking Apps, Messaging and Browsing for times like Bed Time, School Time or eve Dinner Time. You can specify the Start time and end time and also the days of the week for the Lock Schedules. You can also specify upto 3 Apps that you don’t want locked during the Lock Schedules. So if for example you want to create a Bed Time lock schedule from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM, but you still want your child to be able to use some of his reading Apps, you can use the “Allowed Apps” drop down and select those Apps in the Lock Schedule.

 Block Apps: You can Block any Apps permanently if you don’t want your child to use those Apps.

 Bonus Time: Whenever you want, you can reward your child with additional ‘Daily Apps Time’. So if your child has been behaving good on any day and you feel that he has deserved some additional time on his device, you can use the Bonus Time feature.

 Timeout: We hope you never have to use this feature, but we also know that there are times when your child just does not give you any other option. You can use the Timeout feature to handle any such times when your child needs to get away from his device. Timeout is a great feature in the hands of parents. With a click of a button from your own phone or tablet, you can stop all Apps, Messaging and Browsing from your Child’s device. You child can still use the Phone during Timeouts.

Trackidz also gives you the ability to compare the usage of the current week with the usage of past 5 weeks. This feature helps parents to know their child’s exposure to the total screen time every week and if there is any significant change in the screen time of the current week compared to previous weeks

Phone-Off Alert

With nearly 1300 children reported missing or abducted in US every day, Parents are always worried when their kids are not around. The worry turns into desperation if your child is not home and you find out that your child’s phone is turned off. All kinds of thoughts cross your mind in a flash. You are not sure why your child’s phone is switched off – Is it out of Battery, was it turned off or is it out of Network?

The “Phone-Off Alert” feature has been developed to help parents deal with the above situation. This feature sends an Alert Notification to parents if the child’s phone is powered off. The parents can click on the notification to see the exact location where the phone was turned off.

This feature works only if the phone is turned off by pressing the Power button. It will not work if the phone dies down due to Battery loss or if the Battery is taken out.

For this feature to work, all you have to do is to go to the Settings screen and enable this feature.


The statistics for Cyber Bullying are scary. Cyberbullying impacts at least one out of every five middle and high school students, but many who experience it, don’t tell anyone, experts say. According to National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) on signs of Cyber Bullying, “The biggest red flag is a withdrawal from technology. If you notice a sudden change in computer or phone usage, talk to the child. They may be being cyber bullied.” More information on CyberBullying by NCPC is available here.

Often parents are completely unaware about any such change in their child because kids are sometimes too embarrassed to speak up. With Trackidz, we’ve attempted to bridge that gap and Trackidz will proactively notify parents if it detects any significant change in the weekly usage of your child’s electronic device. Trackidz will compare your child’s total usage of current week of his Electronic Device with the average usage per week of past 5 weeks and if it finds a significant change (More than 30%) in usage, Trackidz would send an email to the parents.

This is a breakthrough feature designed to proactively inform the parents about any such change in the usage by their child/teen.

It’s possible that in most cases, parents would be aware of the reason for such a change in device usage, for example the child might be spending his time to prepare for his exams, or on some other activity due to which he is not spending much time on his Electronic Device. However it is also possible that the change in usage is due to some other serious issues including Bullying due to which there is a marked change in your child / teen’s typical behavior or personality.

Emergency Message

The Emergency Message Feature has been designed for times when your child is faced with some emergency situation but cannot call or text for help. With so many tragic events happening in US Schools and Colleges in recent past, we don’t have to think too hard to know when was the last time a number of kids were faced with this kind of situation.

Your child, if ever faced with this situation can tap on the power button of his or her smartphone for 8 to 12 times in quick succession to send an Alert Notification to Parents on their phone. Parents can click on the notification to see the location of their child.

Emergency Message is intended to help children send notice of their location to their Parents / Guardians in times of any Emergency. It is made available only for your child’s convenience and is not intended as, nor should it be treated as a substitute for emergency calls to authorities.


  • Personal Safety App for your child

    Trackidz is the only App for kids which protects them both online as well as offline. With Online Protection Features like Safe Browsing, Max Time, Daily Apps Time, Block Apps, Block Schedule and Detect Cyber Bullying, and Offline Protection features like Phone-Off Alert, Emergency Messages, Geo Fence and GPS location, Trackidz takes care of your child everywhere, whether he is home on his smartphone or outside in his school or elsewhere.

  • Non-Invasive

    Unlike other Parental Control Apps, where parents have to scan through their kids social media posts or SMS messages or emails to determine if anyone is sending them inappropriate messages, Trackidz introduces a completely non-invasive method to determine if your child is going through Cyber Bullying. Trackidz will proactively notify parents if it detects any significant change in the weekly usage of your child’s electronic device, Trackidz will compare your child’s total usage of current week of his Electronic Device with the average usage per week of past 5 weeks and if it finds a significant change (More than 30%) in usage, Trackidz would send an email to the parents.

  • Safe Browsing

    Most of the Parental Control Apps are browser based and focus on filtering the web content to make online experience of kids safe. They all have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to effective filtering of the web content. You can't use them all at the same time and using any one of them does not meet the needs of most of the customers. Trackidz has come up with a very different approach. Trackids empowers you, the parents to select the browser that you want your child to use, and Trackidz will block all other browsers.

  • Price

    Most Parental Control Apps charge a monthly subscription amount from their users which can vary from $1.00/month to $10/month with a limit on the number of users. Trackidz Child and Trackidz Parental Control are completely free.

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    • ‘Trackidz Child’ and ‘Trackidz Parental Control’ (Earlier named Trackidz Dashboard) are two Apps.
    • Trackidz Child is installed on your child’s device and Trackidz Parental Control is installed on Parent’s device.
    • Trackidz Parental Control is the main App where parents will make all the settings for their kids, for example setup Max Time, Daily Apps Time, setup Geo Fence, check their location, monitor their device usage etc.
    • Below are the steps for sign-up:
    • 1. Parents, please download Trackidz (Parental Control) on your device and Trackidz Child app on your child’s device.

      2. Open Trackidz Child App and click on “New Member”

      3. Sign up from the next screen by providing your Child’s name, your email Id and a new Password. That’s it. There is nothing more to be done in Trackidz Child App after the sign-up.

      4. Open Trackidz Parental Control on your device and proceed to the log-in screen by answering Yes to the first two questions. Log-in using the same email ID and password used during sign-up.

      5. You should now see “My Kids” screen with your child’s name on it. You can click on your child’s name to proceed to the Main menu and start using Trackidz.



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